Your Home Office Away From Home

Framework is an eco-friendly co-working space in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn designed to meet the safety standards of today. In place of an open floor plan with shared desks and amenities, Framework is comprised of fully enclosed and sound-proofed individual pods outfitted with Wi-Fi, cooling and heating, air filtration technology to protect against virus spread, plus an adjustable height desk, ergonomic chair, mini-fridge, electric kettle, and French press. Think of it as your own personal work studio.

Framework combines sleek decor, top-of-the-line amenities, and green technology to provide a smart, sheltered space to work away from home.


Enclosed Space
Each 8'x8' pod is fully enclosed, sound-proofed, lockable, and equipped with electricity, cooling, and heating.
In-Pod Amenities
Make use of your own personal mini-fridge, electric kettle, and French press as you go about your day.
Sit or Stand
Adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs for peak comfort.
Bike Storage
Bring your bike to work, then store it in the rack attached to your pod.
Fiber & Wi-Fi
Framework has one-gigabit fiber service and excellent Wi-Fi connectivity.
Smart Bathrooms
UV disinfecting lighting helps keep the bathrooms squeaky clean.
Water Station
Complimentary water bottles can be refilled at the filtered water station.
Lush Backyard
Head to the small shared garden to get some fresh air.
Hospitality Included
Take advantage of 24/7 hours of operation and access to an on-site manager.